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March 6, 2010

V Festival popularity provides income for the touts

With V festival selling out in less than 1 hour 30 minutes it provides even more financial impetus for the ticket touts to operate while pushing up the prices for the punters.  Almost straight after the tickets were sold they are now advertised on secondary ticket outlets such as eBay or seatwave for at least 100 pounds more.   This racketeering of the live music market is wholly unethical and creating widespread desperation among music fans who are having to spend beyond their means to see their favourite bands.   This artificial price hike is swallowing up large amounts of consumer money that would be spent in other areas of the industry, i.e: CD sales, downloads and merchandise.  The government needs to introduce tighter regulation of the live ticket market by wrestling power away from the ticket mafia and putting the control back into the hands of the promoters and punters.   Sure, it is a free society where people choose to spend what they want/or can afford on tickets, however most people aren’t even given the option to buy from the official source because of block purchases and huge buying power and influence from these secondary ticket outlets.   It is not entrepreneurship it is blatant profiteering through unfair and unethical means that needs to be acknowledged by the government.

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