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February 22, 2008

The Biz Awards

The Brit Awards.  Love it or loathe it, it always causes a stir.  And how the music industry needs publicity at the moment.   

In this current climate of diminishing sales and industry change the Brit awards seem more relevant than they were before…or do they? It is easy to pour scorn on what is essentially an industry event to promote the unit shifters, showcasing radio-friendly bands in a sterile environment.  It is after all light entertainment for the masses.  Although this maybe the case it is frequently watched by the very people that denounce it.  

Britain is a society that is proud of its musical heritage.  From the trailblazers of the 6o’s to the current crop of Indie scenesters the British music fan has always regarded British music in high esteem and self worth.  The Brits awards are the biggest and most celebrated of all the awards, with the most publicity and the largest international audience.  With this in mind the Brits organisers tend to go for extravagant showcases which are often garish without class.

This though is what we have come to expect from The Brits.  Do not expect to find alternative, cutting edge performers or awards.  However herein lies a strange dichotomy that infuriates and bemuses many.   While it doesn’t hide its obvious agenda of promoting  pop entertainers for the consumption of a mass market audience     it does flirt with the indie/rock world and this gives the show its slightly schizophrenic disposition.  All of the memorable moments have come due to the shenanigans and high class lunacy of the drunk or mischievous rock star.

  • Oasis have enriched the spectacle many times especially in 1996 when the rivalry with Blur was at its ugliest.
  • Jarvis cocker as highlighted at the beginning with his infamous Jackson escapade, also in 1996.
  • Brandon Block with his drunken spat with Ronnie Wood in 2000.
  • Chumbawamba in 1998 when they poured a bucket of cold water over John Prescotts head, remaining true to their punk roots.

The list is endless of unforgettable moments that have livened up what is mainly a turgid event.

Not so in the last few years.  Now ITV have incorporated a 10 second delay to extinguish any unexpected fun.  Added to that the increasingly careerist and sterile attitude of many performers and our love/hate relationship with the Brits could be coming to an end.  Same time next year?