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December 12, 2007

Flamenco @ the Apollo

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In what will probably be my last gig of the year it was gratifying to save one of the best for last.  Rodrigo and Gabriela scintillating.   

Performing at what was their biggest indoor show in England to date, they captivated the crowd with jaw-dropping guitar histrionics and old fashioned crowd pleasing.,,2225837,00.html

After touring the festival circuit around Europe this summer these two Mexicans have built-up a wave of expectation and  it is through their infectious charm and engagement with the crowd that no one is left disappointed.  The sheer dexterity and dynamic of their playing is beholden in itself.   Rodrigo – fret master, squeezing every possible note out of his guitar while Gabriela – Rhythm queen, strums to percussive perfection.  At times their playing borders on a telepathic nature, with intrinsically woven patterns.  Crowd favourite ‘Tamacun’ made several shape changing appearances, from graceful to explosive.

The textual changes of each composition was particularly impressive, with each song changing its dynamic several times.  Audience participation was keenly summoned, creating a third instrument with the crowds handclaps and yelps  Only their cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’ was a slight let down as much of the crowd didn’t know the words (shameful, I thought everybody knew that song?).   Standard classics like ‘Orion and ‘Stairway to heaven’ were as punchy and vivacious as ever.  

 Performing for over 90 minutes they displayed a vitality and passion that sub-missed a crowd already spellbound by the technique of these two dueling matadors.