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November 9, 2009

Mozza strikes back!

In the headlines yet again!

Morrissey just doesn’t want to finish a gig at the moment! Twice in two weeks Morrissey has left the stage at the beginning of one of his own shows…..What are we going to get next…..? A fire breaking out at the back of the stalls? A bomb alert perhaps….?

If you didn’t like Morrissey enough to throw your pint at him, surely paying 40 pounds (plus 4 pounds for the pint) to go to the gig is an expensive way of expressing your dislike for the man.

Did I see Mike Joyce down the front?

October 31, 2009

Morrissey scare adds a healthy dose of interest

After Morrissey collapsed at Swindon leisure centre last weekend with breathing difficulties, it seemed that the former Smiths man may have to finally slow down and take a pause from his recent touring frenzy. The last few years has seen him unleash countless albums – although many are compilations or reissues – and commit to a constant touring regime. So much so that Morrissey of late had become a bit too ubiquitous – spreading himself thin and turning off all but the partisan fan.
That was until last week when Morrissey collapsed in Swindon – sounds like one of his song titles.   Many could see this as the start of a new chapter – reclining into the Hollywood hills and returning to the reclusive lifestyle that served him well for the good part of a decade.

Much to everyone’s surprise he reappeared just 2 days later at The Royal Albert Hall to continue his tour. An incredibly quick recovery for someone who was too unwell to stand up just 2 days before!   It can only be one of three things:  he has marvellous powers of recuperation, he will battle on for the sake of his fans and honour their loyalty, or he felt his diminishing concert sales and media interest were on the wane and needed a shot in the arm.   The fact that he joked about his Swindon collapse at the Albert Hall suggests Morrissey’s self-obssession could have led him to engineer such a madcap stunt.  Surely not?  No one would crave publicity that much, would they?   The poor reviews from the Royal Albert Hall performance offer contrary opinion.