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December 1, 2007

Morrissey on Question Time

Sitting watching Question Time on Thursday night (29 November) I was amazed and intrigued when someone quoted Morrissey in a question regarding English Identity.

This follows on from the comments I made that same day. 

Interestingly all of the politicians on the show chose not to condemn Morrissey for his comments on the matter, instead they focused on the debates surrounding identity and immigration.  Surely this has vindicated Morrissey’s original statement.  The fact that this issue was aired and debated on National television a day after NME was distrubuted highlights the importance of discussing this issue and raising it in the public sphere.  We can not all become accusational libertarians like NME for fear of turning this country into a righteous dictatorship!

Admittedly Morrissey’s use of language was not the most appropriate, but he is a famously romantic anglophile that lives and dies by the pen.  To accuse a writer of  symbolic language is to accuse a dog of wagging its tail!