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September 12, 2008

Elbow’s deserved success

After my blog on Tuesday, heralding the predictable outcome of Burial’s win in The Mercury Music Prize, I feel it is only right to offer my warm praise and respect for the announcement of the accolade being awarded to Bury’s finest.  Though it wasn’t a huge surprise – if it wasn’t to be burial, then Elbow was always much fancied – it is fitting that this year’s award should go to an album that encapsulates music in the year 2008 – emotional, passionate, political and witty – with a sound that borrows little from the past, much of 2008 will resonate with the songs from The Seldom Seen Kid.  It is without doubt one of the best albums for a while and one that will become a timeless classic.  Well done to the judges for getting it right this year.  Netherless it’s still interesting to consider the ramifications of burial ignoring the awards, could they’ve handed out a much coveted prize to an artist who is quite clearly not interested?