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April 28, 2008

Love this music

Love Music Hate Racism – Finsbury Park, London 27 April

This years festival season kicked off before all the leaves are on the trees!!  Even if it was a free gig on a sunday afternoon.  Ah it was great to be back in a park listening to live music, though the rain yet again tried to dampen everyone’s spirits.   Things never change.  Music can still inspire, encourage and integrate.  30 years on from that seminal day, the spirit of community and defiance was back.  The event was remarkably less crowded than anticipated, the sporadic weather was good for something.  Bands interspersed with passionate pleas from leftists & liberals, for love.  Anti- fascist rhetoric whipped up to a frenzy.  Though it was the bands that most people had come to see, lets face it how many people can a political/social movement attract these days without entertainment.

Headlining the day were The Good, The Bad & The Queen, who played a beguiling set of atmospheric rock, as the sun finally shone, chronicling the streets of London.  After a sound problem at the beginning of their set, they unfurled a dynamic and complex 45 minutes of restrained beauty.  Albarn – ringmaster,  hunched over piano, Simonon – prowling the stage – guitar slung around to accentuate every move.  There was low fi, funk, orchestral, brass – contextual, innovative and moody it perfectly encapsulates contemporary London.  The crowded stage finished with an epic version of Ghost town, featuring a huge brass ensemble and an endless collective of rappers and singers led by Ex-Specials lead singer Jerry Dammers.    The fairly small crowd at the end trudged off informed and content.  Everyone was thrilled just to be outside again.,,2276564,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=39