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February 12, 2009

Live Nation to merge with Ticketmaster

Pending a monopoly commission inquiry it looks as though Live Nation’s merger with Ticketmaster will lead to the largest controlling conglomerate of theĀ  live music industry. Where will that leave us humble music folk? Instead of artists gaining more freedom since the so-called demise of the record industry, it looks is if the industry is now being hijacked by multinational entertainment companies with the express purpose of extracting more dollars from us by forming a music cartel where we buy absolutely everything from the same business. It could lead to fans being forced to sign up to subscription packages for each artist.
Madonna – $5 dollars a month
Rolling Stones – $10 dollars a month and so on……….without this subscription we could be isolated from seeing the artist live. Bands already have membership fees to their websites, with more corporate merges this could become ubiquitous across the industry.