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December 11, 2007

Artists of the Year

Everyone else is making lists:-,,2225649,00.html 

So here is my definitive list of the year:

Album of the Year – The White Stripes

Their best one yet!  Jack White keeps raising the bar with his idiosyncratic take on the blues.  Visceral rock, that never fails to raise the pulse.

Song of the Year – Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent

Genius song title married to a killer hook.  The perfect combination of wry lyrics and pop rhythm.  

Band of the Year – Radiohead

Confounded the critics yet again.  Created a seismic event with the unconventional release of ‘In Rainbows’.   While the album itself transcended all the hype by becoming a Radiohead classic.

Solo Artist of the Year – Amy Winehouse

There could only be one winner here.  Biggest selling album.  Unharnessed natural talent that is starting to resemble the lifestyle of a tortured genius.


Most likely to disappear in a Canoeing accident and resurface in Panama

Glastonbury festivalgoers


After trying to escape the lake at Worthy Farm and getting caught on a tidal wave in the Atlantic.