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March 17, 2010

Gorillaz caught stealing Eddie Grants tunes

Another week goes by in the music world and yet another musician complains of having their tunes stolen by another artist. This time its electro- reggae recluse Eddie Grant who is enraged about Damon Albarn’s lack of respect for his melodic copyright. His 1983 single, ‘Time Warp’ does sound vaguely like Albarn’s latest single, ‘stylo’, albeit with a quicker tempo, but in the age of pro tooling and mass sampling, unless the song is a complete identical rip off, no artist should be able to stake any claim to complete ownership.  After 60 years of modern pop recordings there are only so many different variations of melody and beat that it is humanly possible to create.  Music is a universal and free expression, unless a song is blatantly making money off the back of someone else’s hard work, then it should remain that way.   Florence and the Machine was recently accused of stealing Gang Gang Dance’s ‘House Jam’ for the melody in Rabbit Heart, although the exact similarities are dubious, as are Joe Satriani’s claims that Coldplay ripped off ‘If I could Fly’ in their single ‘Viva La Vida‘? In fairness Gang Gang Dance said that they just wanted a bit of gratitude from Florence Welch and didn’t expect any copyright rebate.  Although the sheer mention of the story instantly found them a whole new audience.   Something Coldplay don’t need if they were to ever question the authenticity of Jay Z’s ‘New York’ chorus and its similarities with ‘The Scientist’!