Washed Out add some chill to the new wave

From Acid house to Math Rock there are a myriad of musical styles and genres, each and everyone invented by a journalist or blogger trying to create a new musical scene by vaguely connecting small threads of similarities between a selection of bands.

One of the latest genres to emerge, Chillwave, the titles seem to get increasingly half-baked, came out of the American summer of 2009 with Animal Collective’s, Noah Lennox’s side project, Panda Bear leading the way for synth heavy washes of chilled psychedelia. Many of the bands that followed, Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi and Memory Tapes mirrored a sound that owed as much to the late 80s & early 90s shoegaze movement as much as to Animal Collective’s own take on ambient, dreamy pop.

One of the main protagonists of the fledgling scene, Ernest Greene, under the moniker, Washed Out, has just released his debut LP, Within and Without. Encapsulating the blissed out sound perfectly while incorporating a bigger groove than many of his peers. A magnificent melange of Sigur ros, Cocteau Twins and the Orb. This is probably the finest example of Chillwave.


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