Amy Winehouse shares fate 27 of the cursed rock star.

Live fast and die young – It’s better to burn out than fade away – Hope I die before I get old.  A long rock lineage encourages the bravado of the young and foolish, the self desire to indulge in one’s fate and the belief of solipsism.  All of this is never more apparent than the rock stars that have left us at the height of their fame, adding to the mythology of their own creation while tragically denying us of their brazen talent.

The 27 Club:

Brian Jones – 27

Jimi Hendrix – 27

Janis Joplin – 27

Jim Morrison – 27

Kurt Cobian – 27

Amy Winehouse – 27

Missing lyricist and guitarist from Manic Street Preachers, Richey Edwards, disappeared at the age of 27.

Satan worshiping bluesmen, Robert Johnson died at age 27.

Nick Drake and Otis Redding didn’t even make it to 27, both died a year earlier.  Syd Barrett lost his mind and receded into the Cambridgeshire suburbs at the age of 26.

Amy Winehouse, the latest 27 club casualty, shares similar psychological traits with all her fellow clubbers, although her one and only female companion on the list, Janis Joplin, could be described as a kindred spirit.  Both of them were troubled souls who often felt alone in a male dominated industry.  Infamous for their hell-raising and heavy drinking they both became submerged into a world of heroin (Janis) and crack (Amy) and consequently died through heavy consumption.  Although musically different both artists only released two albums, Joplin’s second – Pearl was a posthumous release, and both became famous and instantly recognisable because of their powerful and unique vocals, of which spawned a thousand imitators.  Like Joplin, Winehouse’s legacy will live forever and will continue to provide inspiration to many.  Unlike Joplin, Winehouse had already become a global household name before she died.


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