iTunes to live stream London festival worldwide

Apple will continue the live digital revolution by broadcasting select performances of its upcoming festival, held at the Roundhouse Theatre, London, for the whole of July.  A dizzying array of artists feature, 62 in all, including; Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Paul Simon, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Moby, Linkin Park and many more.  The shows will be streamed to all Apple devices in HD through the new app, iTunes live.   

Surely this is just the start of a whole host of multi-platform digital streaming?  The public demand for festivals has increased tenfold over the last decade, allied to the fact that digital has finally given us the technology to tap into this under-exploited market.  The major digital players have been slow to form partnerships with the main festival promoters allowing TV broadcasters to corner the market, particularly in Europe.  This weekend Glastonbury Festival will be transmitted to a UK audience only, through the public service broadcaster, BBC.  The sheer investment of BBC’s public purse, including over 400 staff and a budget that’s close to the £2 million mark suggest that they regard it as TV gold and an extremely important event in the countries calendar.

Earlier this year Google teamed up with Coachella Festival for live streaming of the three-day event on YouTube, which offered excellent coverage and will surely spark the momentum for the impending live digital movement. This latest announcement from Apple confirms that the digital giants are starting to wake up to the vast possibilities of the cash cow of  the live music scene, although they could have a bitter fight on their hands with the TV broadcasters ready to dig their heals in, especially for the prestige events.


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