It’s official; Splendour in the Grass is not the most expensive festival in the world!

Or is it………?

Thanks to festival regular Pat Duty we have statistical evidence that Japan’s Fuji Festival is actually cheaper when the average wage of each country is taken into consideration.  Splendour finishes in third place, behind Hungary’s Sziget festival, although lets face it a festival in Hungary is always going to be a little pricey with their local currency (Forint), especially with international artists on the bill!  

As stated in my earlier article, The most expensive music festival in the world? on 21 April; Splendour, on sheer price alone, stormed to the top of the rip-off charts.  This new analysis does cast some new light on the subject, but fails to mention that Szigt is a 6 day festival.  Besides, most festivals these days are set up with the global traveller in mind, how many music hungary punters cross borders and take flights in search of the ultimate festival experience?  Especially in Europe, although probably not Australia!  So, as diligent as Pat Duty was in his economic analysis, comparing festival prices based on average wages, it’s not completely water tight!  The fact that Splendour hasn’t sold out is proof enough!


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