Flaming Lips to perform at LA cemetery

The Flaming Lips have just announced that they’ll be playing two gigs at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA, this June.  Not only that they’ll be performing the whole of The Soft Bulletin one night and The Dark Side of the Moon the following.  This is a great example of artists using their abstract imaginations (in no short supply with the Lips) to create something unique and rewarding for the fans.  Tired of performing the same old set ( which says something, tiring of a Lips set is like tiring of life!) the artist is re-imagining the scope and framing of a gig.  Taken out of convention it can be thrilling, that’s why we all like festivals?

The Cure also announced today that they’d be performing at the Sydney Opera House, 31 years after their debut in the harbour city.  They will form part of the Vivid festival, which starts at the end of this month and runs for almost 3 weeks.  Not content with just playing at the iconic venue, they’ll also perform the first three albums of their career, in their entirety!  That’s three hours of melancholic splendour!  Another example of bucking convention and showing visionary genius, not to mention a hell of a lot of patience!

Why aren’t more artists playing unusual and challenging locations?  Or plundering their lost or classic albums or someone else’s for that matter?  Can’t we have Portishead playing Dummy in a gothic mansion?    Or Bjork performing Vespetine in a ruined abbey?   Or perhaps TV on the Radio reconstructing Prince’s, 1999 or The Arctic Monkeys recreating The Smith’s, The Queen is Dead?

Try it yourself and see what the imagination can conjure? 


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