The curse of the Charlatans!

The news this week that Charlatans drummer, Jon Brooks, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor only adds to the sheer adversity of being a member of the Northwich indie band.  Eternally cursed with the worst of luck they have become as famous for their survival instincts as they have their tunes. Never to let anything get in the way of their freewheeling spirit, they have hired the services of ex Verve drummer, Pete Salisbury, for their forthcoming UK tour, another stumbling block brushed aside!

Chronological order of the curse:

1991 – Lead Guitarist – John Baker left after the first album – ‘Some Friendly’.

1991 – Got into a legal battle in the US with a band of the same name.

1992 – Keyboardist – Rob Collins imprisoned for ‘assisting an armed robbery’.    Collins claimed to have no foreknowledge of the robbery until he heard a gunshot inside the shop and his friend exited, although he later admitted that he should not have picked his friend up after he realised what he had done. At court, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of “assisting an offender after an offence” and served four months in prison.

1994 – Bassist – Martin Blunt had a mental breakdown and was admitted for depression therapy for several months.

1996 – Rob Collins died in a car crash in Wales during the recording of their 5th album – ‘Tellin Stories’.

1999 – Their accountant was jailed for swindling them out of £300,000, the entire proceeds from their first four albums!

2001 – Keyboardist  – Tony Rogers diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He recovered and is still a member of the band.

Now celebrating two decades as a band this is a timely reminder of the sheer resilience of The Charlatans, lets hope they can prove everyone wrong for another twenty?


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