NME is leading the decline in music reading habits

The latest news that the recently revamped NME’s circulation has fallen by a massive 17% over the last year to just 33,000 weekly readers is another tell-tale sign of the impending doom surrounding the specialist music press.   Q magazine are another major title to suffer from declining sales, dropping 10% to 89,000 readers a month.

This pattern seems to be endemic throughout the whole industry with many music fans choosing to source their information from a variety of media, with the internet by far the most efficient, convenient and accessible, if not wholly reliable?  The sheer breadth and wealth of information online is staggering and has turned all of us into (kind of) experts in our particular field of interests, so much that the necessity to pay for a monthly or even weekly informant has become almost obsolete!  The only real need for paying for something we can obtain for free elsewhere is for in-depth, knowledgable and well written features that appeal for a niche audience.  Interestingly the other major music publications, Mojo, Uncut and Kerrang have only seen their sales fall marginally – these magazines specialise in feature led stories that are well researched and offer the finer details of the artists.  NME and Q have increasingly distanced themselves from this type of journalism for a tabloid favoured approach to try to widen their market appeal, ironically this has backfired and alienated many of their readers, who now see both magazines as glossy celebrity magazines with an interest in music.

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