Ken Livingstone goes for the music vote

In what was perceived as mass hypocrisy Ken Livingstone launched his battle to be re-elected as London mayor at the Camden Ballroom yesterday. If reinstated as mayor of London, Ken offered his support to the live music industry by pledging to save all of London’s threatened, historical venues – including the Ballroom.

Wait a minute…….. Is this not the same man who was responsible for the initial planning of Crossrail? Which single handily tore down the Astoria in Charing Cross Road – home to thousands of celebrated gigs and one of London’s defining musical landmarks! Ken’s reign as London chief also saw the demise of similarly historical buildings such as Hammersmith Palais and the legendary dance club – Turnmills.
How can the live music industry trust the words of a man who represents the worst of politics, self – aggrandizement and hypocrisy!
We thought you were different Ken?


One Comment to “Ken Livingstone goes for the music vote”

  1. Ken is different. Whatever people’s view on the Astoria, Ken presided over a huge boom in cultural events in London including Rise – the largest anti-racist festival in Europe which nurtured breaking Talent and headlined with established artists. Add St.Patricks Day, A free Pride and other cultural festivals and its clear he was different…to Boris who cut the Rise Festival within a year in office!

    more here:

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