BBC 6 Music is saved

The BBC Trust has just announced that it will ignore the recommendation of director general, Mark Thompson, to axe the station. It is encouraging to see that the BBC trust has used their common sense to save this unique and fiercely independent station. Where else can the music industry showcase new and undiscovered acts? It is a station that is free from the constraints of listening figures driving advertising revenue and consequently setting the agenda of the music policy.   The passion and knowledge shown by the presenters is a refreshing change to the usual banal banter on display with most of its commercial rivals. The sheer depth and variation of the music far exceeds its sister stations on the BBC and allows its audience to enjoy its un-fussy and relaxed approach. This is a station with a passion for new and interesting music – long may it continue……………….


One Comment to “BBC 6 Music is saved”

  1. Just noticed this. Hurrah!
    If anything we should question why we have Radio 1 on the BBC when there is a plethora of “let’s play what’s in the charts” or “let’s play what those kind A&R people told us the kids want to hear” stations in almost every part of the UK.
    I could almost say the same for Radio 2.
    If the BBC is looking to save money by cancelling radio stations where the public is already well served look no further than these two expensive luxuries.

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