The social power of music

Music-based social networking sites have arrived and are set to become the latest viral trend. With the announcement last week that Spotify will integrate its music database and functionality with Facebook, allowing Facebook members that are signed up to Spotify the ability to send each other songs, listen to each others playlists and post a link to their site anywhere on the web.

Music has always been about sharing with your friends, from all those C96 tape compilations or playing vinyl around your mates. Showing off your tastes and bragging about your collection has always been a musical ritual that is deeply entrenched within music’s tribal sensibility. The glut of social networking sites that have suddenly appeared seem to recognise the communicative powers of music and it seems odd that both the music industry and the digital pioneers have only just realised the full potential of this previously untapped market.   mflow – a kind of musical twitter that rewards its succesful users – and SoundCloud – which has simplified the art of sending music via the web – are just the tip of the iceberg!   iTunes is currently researching a possible music networking facility?  Finally the web’s potential is being realised – record companies take note!


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