Pink Floyd win battle with EMI

Pink Floyd won a court battle with EMI yesterday to preserve their right to sell the album in its complete format rather than selling songs on an individual basis through services such as iTunes. This is yet another shot in the arm for the beleaguered record company and a legal endorsement of the album format – the judge said there was a written clause in the contract ‘to preserve the artistic integrity of the album’.

This is an interesting development on the battle between artists and record labels over the distribution of songs.  The industry, encouraged by new media platforms and digital distribution is pushing in the direction of individual tracks,  whereas the artist is clinging onto the conventional and creative art form that is the album.   However much we hear and read about the unstoppable cultural shift of single track listening the backlash of album creativity never seems to be more apparent, especially now EMI and iTunes have received a warning shot.

Three albums that have been released over the last month have rekindled love and appreciation for the long player.   Gorillaz, Joanna Newsom and Field Music ‘s albums are all epic and creative explosions of ideas and deeply mined emotions that are too grand and simultaneously too nuanced to encapsulate into a single song.


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