Save BBC 6Music

BBC’s 6 music is under threat from the Corporations cost cutting measures. With a need to satisfy both an incoming Tory government and to help fund the relocation to Manchester, 6 Music is being targeted as one of the first of the sacrificial lambs.

It may not have a huge listener base (approx 690,000) but it does appeal to a demographic of music lovers, a particular niche in the UK market that is under provided for by any other channel.  Commercial radio stations only provide airtime for their stakeholders with a mandate for appealing to as wider audience as possible, by playing as popular – contemporary artists as they can.  NME radio recently entered the world of digital radio and although their remit is to play music from smaller, less championed bands, they will never be able to play such a wide-ranging and diverse line-up as a public service broadcaster.  Surely it is part of the BBC’s charter to appeal to a demographic that is mostly unprovided for by the commercial sector?

Please support the cause by signing up –


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