Primal Scream to play ‘Screamadelica’ live

When Primal Scream announced that they would re-create their seminal masterpiece, ‘Screamadelica‘ live for the first time, after nearly 20 years after its creation, it sent a shiver down the spine of many thirty something ex ravers.   It was this album that captured perfectly the blissed out and heady days of the early nineties, the album simultaneously defined the times as well as representing the future.    Remixed and sampled by a host of uber hip DJs and producers it became the cultural touchstone thereafter.   So why would Primal Scream want to perform it now, in its entirety, after 19 years, why wouldn’t they wait until 2011 – the twenty year anniversary?

For a band that have scaled the heights of greatness and at times been the indie vanguards of their generation  they have now reached a point of virtual irrelevance and obscurity, their last album – ‘Beautiful Future’ sold poorly, after a steady decline in both sales and inspiration for each album since 2000’s blitzkrieg – Exterminater.   So with studio pioneering out of the way and long forgotten it is to the live arena that the Scream now seek validation.  It is of course also the current trend to reproduce critically and commercially accepted masterpieces, Spriritualized have been showcasing the symphonic laments of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space’ around the country for the last year and The Pixies have been touring their alternative rock classic – ‘Doolittle‘ on the global stage.

With a plethora of masterpiece albums, a world full of expectant fans and artists that are in need of revitalisation the possibilities are endless.


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