Goodwood Estate announces new music and fashion festival

Goodwood Estate have jumped on the bandwagon and have joined what is already a saturated market and economically risky venture by announcing a new music festival that mixes rock, punk, dance, reggae and soul with high street fashion and British vintage……..Eclectic, unique, but very odd.  Surely this is aimed at a pretentious crowd of urbanites that wouldn’t normally leave the city other than to visit their family estate, in the words of fashion stylist, Wayne Hemmingway – ‘this is unashamedly about dressing up rather than down and being comfortable rather than compromised.” An affluent and low marketed target audience in this sector it may well be, but there is probably a reason for this.  When your standing in a field of mud with strong westerly winds lashing rain against your face while queuing up for an overpriced hog roast roll, it certainly separates the hardy from the effete.   Maybe the hight street is better left where it is?


One Comment to “Goodwood Estate announces new music and fashion festival”

  1. i always attend music festivals because they are quite exciting and i love music .:`

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