Vampire Weekend start their winter tour in Bexhill

5 February – Bexhill-on-Sea, De La War Pavilion

Beginning their UK tour in the incongruous surrounds of a Sussex seaside town in the middle of winter was typically contrary, especially for a band with a recent US number 1 album. The Vampire’s, through all their record sales and critical acclaim, have managed to remain true indie stalwarts, maintaining a sense of the outsider. Signed to independent luminaries XL helps, along with the desire to play outposts such as the art-deco, De La War Pavillion.

The juxtapositions of musical styles and lyrical content suggests a band who are cerebrally inspired, which can often create a certain aloofness on stage. Not so with these young New Yorker’s. Fully aware of their primary role as entertainers that is exactly what they achieve with a unadulaterated eagerness and a strong sense of melody. The small, but appreciative crowd are swept along with the bouncing African rhythms, the hi-life guitars and the swelling of synth-strings. Despite their use of cunning wordplay and their skill of melding musical styles it is their affability that is wholly infectious and the true making of the band. By the time the closing strands of ‘Walcott’ blast through the hall the crowd are bouncing around with sheer delight. A gig the whole town will remember.


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