Mozza strikes back!

In the headlines yet again!

Morrissey just doesn’t want to finish a gig at the moment! Twice in two weeks Morrissey has left the stage at the beginning of one of his own shows…..What are we going to get next…..? A fire breaking out at the back of the stalls? A bomb alert perhaps….?

If you didn’t like Morrissey enough to throw your pint at him, surely paying 40 pounds (plus 4 pounds for the pint) to go to the gig is an expensive way of expressing your dislike for the man.

Did I see Mike Joyce down the front?


2 Comments to “Mozza strikes back!”

  1. Blimey, i noticed his sets were getting shorter but this is ridiculous.

    It looks more like damaged pride than any real harm to his bonce, what a poof anyone can see that was a plastic cup!

  2. his latest concert in holland has proved you need to be very careful how you conduct at a morrissey concert.

    just looking at the nme top 100 of the decade. can xterminatr really be the the third best album of the last 10 years? maybe bobby gillespie was on the judging panel

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