Canadian band The Acorn headline first London show

Ever since Arcade Fire burst onto the scene five years ago, Canadian bands have been leading the vanguard of musical trends. Led by the revitalised and ever popular Neil Young it seems Canada is furrowing its own path with everyone else eager to follow closely behind.

The Acorn hail from Ottawa and have been part of the burgeoning Canadian indie-folk-baroque scene for several years, along with The Dears, Feist and The Broken Social Scene, to name but a few.  Unlike the other bands though The Acorn have only recently released their first album – Glory Hope Mountain – released last year in the UK.   It is an album that perfectly weaves tribal percussion with Honduran folk and acoustic laments with African stylistics.  The album is crafted with a natural grace and feels wholly organic compared to the contrived nuisances of other indie bands hijacking the sound of Africa. 

After seeing the band play at the Scala, London, on Tuesday night (12 May) it is quite clear that they are more than just studio boffins.  Displaying a warm,  textual sound the band showcased virtually their entire back catalogue (only one album and several EPs) while emanating a comical, yet focused personality.  Rolf Klausener – lead singer – was particularly self deprecating of rock’s more cliched moments and at times resembled a bearded Ben Stiller.  As in all their best songs, the last of the set – Flood– perfectly encapsulated the natural and mellifluous rhythm of their tribal beats with the majesty and anguish of their vocals.                                               

The Acorn are all natural heart and like their fellow countrymen could grow into something quite splendid.


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