Time Magazine Names Eavis in Top 100

Well congratulations must first be offered to Michael Eavis for finally being recognised for his great achievement of creating the iconic Glastonbury music festival.  39 years of anguish and energy have gone into what became the benchmark for modern day festivals – although now its way past its influential and cultural peak.   He has encapsulated Britain’s many sub-cultures in one giant mystical valley, and allowed many people to indulge in their own ‘lost weekend’.   Although getting mentioned as one of the most influential people in the world right now misses the point – or (has missed the boat) – by maybe a decade!                                                                      Time is maybe not the vanguard of culture it assumes.   Also, featuring alongside the likes of Sarah Palin starts to question the intention, let alone drastically diminish the accolade.
Anyway I didn’t think the Americans knew much about Glastonbury? According to Emily Eavis, Bruce Springsteen didn’t even know of its existence until they asked him to play this year!

Oh well, Congrats to you anyway Mr Eavis, you captured the soul of a nation, even if you didn’t know when to quit while ahead!


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