Euro discounts off music festivals!

Everyone is entitled to worry about this economic meltdown – as we are told on an hourly basis by the apocalyptic media.   No one – or any business it seems is immune from the dreaded, over-used soundbite, ‘the credit crunch’. Organisations and Associations are drawing up contingency plans to tackle the recession head on.    Which is why the AIF (Association for Independent Festivals) is planning a PR campaign to promote the delights of an English music festival to a European market – with much of the publicity funded by the government’s web site to promote tourism – Visit Britain.

Now its not the 1.8 million pounds of funds that have been thrown at this marketing exercise that really irks – although it does seem like quite a significant amount of money subsidised for events that are already successfully marketed within the private sector.  The real issue is the fact that all festival tickets will be sold with a 20% discount to European tourists who buy off the visit Britain site – That makes it 30 pounds cheaper for Europeans to enjoy ‘Bestival or ‘Big Chill’ than the British. Why should we pay more for the same experience?  With festivals going up in price each year we could all use a little fiscal assistance.   After all we are all in this recession together – Did anyone catch the G20?

Admittedly some festivals did fall by the way side last year – but there were far too many festivals anyway selling the same experience with the same old bands.  Nearly all of the festivals involved in this PR campaign sold out well in advance last year anyway – and with more British people staying on the island this summer they’ll probably sell out even quicker. Its not that we resent anyone else sharing in our wonderful artistic culture – the more the merrier. We just want to be treated with respect and with the same considerations that are shown to others.


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