Frightened Rabbit!

Time for the dreaded Christmas single.  It is virtually impossible to hear anything with a hint of depth or emotion when the Xmas singles are released each year.   Just because it’s the season for festivities doesn’t mean all the songs have to sound like a drunk at a party.   It is also a time for reflection and a display of human emotion.  Of course there has been the odd Christmas gem, most notably the greatest seasonal song of all, ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Another single that can sit proudly alongside that timeless classic is:

Frightened Rabbit with ‘It’s Christmas so we’ll stop’

Listen @ 

Following in the same vein as Fairytale it charts the melancholy of Christmas, highlighting the superficial culture of the season.   Imbued with irony, lead singer Scott laments the lonely and depraved, adding authenticity with his cracked vocals.  Like Fairytale the song offers hope and salvation as it builds into a biblical & poignant finale, complete with Christmas choir.   A dark festive tale that offers redemption.



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