Single Reviews

Here are two great singles I’ve just reviewed. Both are released this Monday (10 Dec).

Check em out.

Outside The City – Young Galaxy Yet another band to emerge from the art-house breeding ground of Montreal.  Young Galaxy, like their elder statesmen Arcade Fire emit a sense of grandeur on a scene that is dominated with post-Libertines indie-skiffle.  Outside the City’ – the second song to be released off their debut album – is all shimmering cosmic pop.  Built around a bass that sounds remarkably similar to ‘With or Without You’ the song floats along with dreamy vocals and an impressive wall of sound.  This is art-pop at its most luscious.  Side B, ‘Walk a Thin Line’ is equally grandiose, all mellifluous harmonies and hypnotic chorus.If Spiritualized didn’t take themselves so seriously this is what they would sound like.  Young Galaxy could well be stars of the future


A Rope to Hang – Neil McSweeney With a plentiful supply of singer-songwriters since the start of the millennia it is becoming increasingly hard to get excited when a new troubadour enters the fray.   Not so with Sheffield born Neil McSweeney.  ‘A Rope to Hang’ is a beautifully poignant song that evokes the best of ‘Heartbreaker’ period, Ryan Adams.  Stripped down, exposed with only acoustic and voice, McSweeney delivers an ode to a failing relationship that strikes the perfect balance between melancholy and intimacy.  Such delicate strumming allows him to showcase the richness of his impressive vocals, which reveal just a hint of vulnerability.  Plying the same route as Adams’s nostalgically tinged Americana will no doubt serve McSweeney well, especially on the performance of this standout single.


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