Morrissey Palare


And so it continues……

Now Morrissey has re-entered the debate himself.

This time though he chose to distance himself from the immigration issue by not really dicussing it.  Slightly dissapointing as Morrissey could have clarified his views, it was probably a missed opportunity to set the record straight. 

He did however chose to torch and burn the timber house of the NME.  Splints and embers abound as accusation upon condemnation was scorned upon the iconic music weekly.  The tone was scathing to say the least and probably the biggest single attack ever witnessed against a music publication.   Totally justified in his remarks about lack of decent content in the current magazine and of a journalistic style that is imbued with nastiness and barbed comments.   

This is a man who has survived countless changes and trends to a musical landscape.   This whole affair will only seek to bolster his reputation and cement his longevity even further.   In the end both parties have actually benefitted from the publicity and in the age of multi-media it is possible for them to have their soapbox whenever they chose.  Not sure if Tim Jonze’s career will now sink or flourish though?


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